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Company Overview

Advances in medical genetics have redefined diagnostic practices all over the world. Genetic testing has made it feasible not only to diagnose and treat rare genetic syndromes but also determine risk for common diseases and optimize their prevention. PanGenomics offers genetic testing for a wide range of conditions using various technologies including karyotyping, FISH, array CGH, PCR, real time PCR, MLPA, repeat expansion analysis, Sanger sequencing and NGS.

We offer the most up-to-date genetic testing options with extensive support from USA trained and certified medical geneticists and genetic counselors. We also provide genetic counseling to take patient care to the next level along with coordination with referring physicians to tailor management to best meet the needs of the patients and their families.

In addition, PanGenomics also offers a one-year certificate program in genetic counseling as well as several other short courses and research workshops.

Our Mission & Vision

Understanding the genetic etiology of a condition can help us to better predict morbidity and effectively promote better health outcomes. Diagnosis of a genetic condition can be challenging. This results in delays in treatment and management and increases risk to other family members including future children. Our mission is to bring genetic information into mainstream medical practice to improve the quality of healthcare for everyone.

Our Partner

PanGenomics has partnered with Sterling Accuris Diagnostics, the Pathology Unit of Sterling Addlife India Pvt. Ltd.

Sterling Accuris Diagnostics – The Comprehensive Pathology Lab
At Accuris, we don’t just do ‘analysis’ but also ‘in-depth’ study of Pathology. Sterling Accuris has focused on three pillars – Accuracy, Reliability and Convenience, to provide comprehensive and quality diagnostic services based on stringent protocols and quality control guidelines. With state-of-the-art pathological instruments and highly experienced team of pathologists, Accuris delivers pathological results with precision.