Genetic Testing
Diagnosis of a genetic condition can be challenging. Many times, patients and families have to go on a diagnostic odyssey before they know what their condition is. This leads to delays in treatment and management and increases risk to other family members including future children.
Genetic testing can help confirm the diagnosis so that management can be more focused. It is extremely essential that people who are experts in the field of clinical laboratory genetics do testing at accredited laboratories.
PanGenomics is committed to meeting all of your genetic testing needs. New genes are being discovered and additional tests are being offered at a rapid pace. If you don’t see the test that you are looking for on our webpage please contact our office. Our knowledgeable staff would be happy to look into whether clinical testing is available and to facilitate the testing process.
Perhaps you’re not sure if genetic testing is warranted or which test would be most appropriate? Visit our genetic consultation webpage for information about the services we offer to help you with these questions.