Genetic Testing
Diagnosis of hereditary cardiovascular conditions is often very complicated without genetic testing. While overlapping phenotypes make it challenging to come to a specific clinical diagnosis, PanCardio testing offers the opportunity to make a specific molecular diagnosis.
The pathogenesis and natural history of various cardiovascular diseases are now clearer due to the recent and rapid development of molecular genetics.
A diagnosis of a hereditary cardiovascular condition is based on age, family history and specific diagnostic criteria can lead you to the most appropriate PanCardio single syndrome test or panel so that you can offer your patient a definitive diagnosis, appropriate management and guidance regarding family members who may be at risk.
Our PanCardio Hereditary Cardiovascular panels and other single syndromic panel testing can make diagnosis of a hereditary cardiovascular syndrome simple. With our clear and accurate results and the option of post-test counseling patients can get started with the best surveillance and management plan for decreasing their risk to develop cardiovascular conditions and identifying family members that may be at risk.
When should you consider genetic testing?
Think PanCardio when your patient has a diagnosis of heart disease at a young age or when they have a family history of the same or a similar condition. Also, consider PanCardio when your patient has heart disease as well as seemingly unrelated health problems involving other organ systems (ex. Marfan syndrome involving aneurysm and skeletal anomalies.
When should I think about PanCardio panel testing?
When an individual has:
  • A strong family history of cardiac disease like sudden cardiac death, cardiomyopathy, arrhythmia, aneurysm/dissection, hyperlipidemia, cancer, etc
  • Clinical diagnosis of cardiomyopathy
  • Personal history of aneurysm or dissection
  • A clinical diagnosis of a hereditary arrhythmiaA congenital heart defect
  • Abnormal echo or other imaging tests
  • Overlapping features with different genetic syndromes and making a specific diagnosis is challenging
Our panels will allow you to check for multiple genes at once giving you efficiency, accuracy, and less expense than ordering several single gene tests in a row. Order testing for a specific gene if a clinical diagnosis for a particular syndrome can be made on your patient or if a family member has a known mutation.