Genetic Testing
Neurogenetic conditions can be among the most challenging to diagnose. Our wide range of tests can help you evaluate patients with a broad spectrum of neurological conditions, from epilepsy to dementia, ataxia to neuropathy.
Knowing the genetic diagnosis can provide useful information regarding progression of the disease, other potential health concerns, and risks to family members.
Consider PanNeuro testing when your patient has:
  • A combination of neurological features and symptoms involving other systems of the body
  • Onset of a neurological condition at an earlier age than typically expected (ex. Early onset Alzheirmer disease)
  • A movement disorder such as ataxia or chorea
  • Unexplained seizures
  • Multiple types of neurological symptoms (ex. Behavioral abnormalities and abnormal movements)
  • Cognitive decline
  • A family history of multiple family members with a neurological condition
  • A family history of a known neurogenetic condition